International Shipping

Although we have successfully shipped our artwork to many countries outside the U.S., there are special requirements for doing so. Any shipment containing ‘wildlife’ (shells, insects, birds, etc.) must be inspected by US Fish and Wildlife prior to export. CITES Species are not available for export. The document filling, inspection, warehouse hold at the port of export and additional time to do this adds approximately $250 USD to each shipment (not to each piece). The only exceptions are shipments that contain only minerals and fossils. We are responsible for all of the necessary paperwork and documentation filing for export, however, the receiver must be responsible for all tax/duties/requirements for import. Each country has its own laws that pertain to the importation of goods, which are often specific to the type of product, and it is not feasible for our office to stay current with every country’s requirements.

In addition, our Warranty and Return Policy does not extend outside the U.S. (due to these additional fees and procedures for import/export of “wildlife”).

Please contact our office at 503-990-8132 or with the shipping address as well as the pieces you are interested in and we will follow up with a shipping quote as soon as possible.




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