Each Christopher Marley piece is created using pristine, natural, preserved specimens as a medium. Specimens are reclaimed, bred or harvested from dozens of countries on every inhabited continent. Vertebrates are always reclaimed after they die of natural or incidental causes while  invertebrates are sustainably collected in their various countries of origin, offering local catchers a powerful financial incentive to protect and guard their habitats to ensure the continued survival of the very species they collect.  Marley’s work preserves for generations what would otherwise be discarded and lost forever. 

Out of the millions of species on the planet, I usually only choose to work with those that have an amazing color story to tell. The brilliant, metallic coloration seen in certain beetles, butterflies, crystals, birds, feathers and other artifacts are not enhanced.  

There are a few instances where color is restored.  For example, most leaf mimic insects, fade quickly so I restore to their original green.  Tropical fish and a few of the reptiles can lose some color in the preservation process, so color restoration can also be necessary in those instances.

Like all fine artwork, Christopher Marley pieces should be stored and displayed in a climate controlled environment, away from exposure to direct sunlight.  The environment in most homes in the Western world is entirely adequate.  Humidity levels should be kept under 60%.   

Lead time and Shipping
Each piece is completed in Marley’s Oregon Studio.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to recieve your piece. Shipping transit times will vary by destination and method (larger pieces may need to ship on a pallet to ensure safe arrival).  Rush orders are usually possible, but a rush fee of 10% may apply.  “Ready to ship” pieces are complete before being placed on the website and are shipped out of the studio within two business days.  Free shipping on retail orders over $1000 within the continental United States only.

In the event artwork is damaged in transit, report the damage within 48 hours and we’ll replace or repair your piece. For more details visit Terms and Conditions.

Mineral and fossil pieces can ship internationally without additional documentation.  Since we work exclusively with properly permitted specimens, pieces that use natural organisms (feathers, insects, shells etc) must be inspected by US Fish and Wildlife, which adds additional steps to the  process and approximately $250 in handling, storage and inspection fees (per shipment).

Open edition artwork can usually be returned in original, re-sellable condition within 30 days of purchase for credit only. This must be pre-authorized by our office. Please call (503) 990-8132 or email orders@pheromonedesign.com for return authorization.  Artwork that is returned in less than sellable condition may be refused or charged a re-frame fee.  Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Credit is given after the piece is returned and assessed by our studio. Limited Edition and Single Edition pieces are not eligible for return.




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