Terms and Conditions


Original Artwork
Christopher Marley pieces are composed of individual unique specimens.  Unless otherwise noted, the images on the website are representative of the quality and design of the original artwork available.  The piece you receive will be comprised of unique specimens. Each specimen may have variations in color, size, and shape that differ from the images seen on the website.  Likewise, our moldings (especially those comprised of hardwood), and other framing materials, may exhibit subtle variations in color, grain, or tone from the images shown or from previous works.  Every effort has been made to represent Christopher Marley pieces accurately.  Please expect that, as with all original artwork, no two pieces will be exactly alike.  If you hope to match specimens or framing materials from a previous purchase exactly, please contact our studio at info@pheromonedesign.com so that we can assist you.  A special handling fee may apply.  

Shipping and Arrival

  • Any damage that occurs during shipping between our studio and the original destination will be repaired or replaced at no charge however damage must be documented with photographs and be reported within 48 hours and the original packaging saved. Any damage not documented with photographs and reported within 48 hours of arrival at the original destination will be the responsibility of the buyer. A damage report must be accompanied by images of the exterior of the box and specific piece damage. These can be emailed to info@pheromonedesign.com.
  • In cases where there is no damage to the exterior carton (indicating improper handling by the shipping company) or frame damage (indicating that the damage to the piece occurred after it was unpacked), a call tag will be sent for the return of the merchandise at no cost to the buyer provided that the damage is reported and documented within 48 hours of arrival.
  • In all other cases, return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, as well as associated repairs or replacement costs. Christopher Marley Studio shall bear no responsibility for damage that may occur when a piece is re-shipped after arriving at its original destination.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee undamaged arrival on international shipments.
  • Orders that are paid in full and shipped but are refused at the time of delivery and returned to the Christopher Marley Studio, or orders that are paid in full and not picked up from the Studio are considered abandoned after 6 months and the piece/s are returned to inventory. In this event, the price originally paid minus any shipping charges is retained as a credit on the customer’s account. The credit expires 12 months from the date of the original purchase.

Safe delivery of artwork is guaranteed. In the event that damage occurs during shipping, the return policies enumerated above must be observed. Please contact us with any questions before purchasing as all artwork sales are considered final.

Care and Repairs

  • While damage to the artwork which is not reported within 48 hours of arrival at the original destination is the responsibility of the customer, we are often able to repair or re-frame damaged artwork for a reasonable fee.
  • Any alterations made to Christopher Marley pieces outside of our studio will compromise the integrity of the artwork. This includes but is not limited to: opening a sealed piece, re-framing, changing hangers, or orientation of the piece.
  • Like all fine artwork, Christopher Marley pieces should be stored or displayed in a climate-controlled environment, away from exposure to direct sunlight or harsh artificial lighting.
  • Fading or morphing of color is possible with any artwork that is exposed to sunlight or incandescent lighting.  To help ensure the least degree of fading to your pieces, limit exposure to sunlight and non-archival lighting where possible.
  • Some pieces and/or specimens are much more impervious to fading than others. If fading or lighting is a concern, consult our office for recommendations on which types of pieces/organisms are most colorfast.
  • Water damage or moisture exposure can compromise the integrity of any artwork and can promote mold or other damage, even in a sealed piece.  Humidity levels should be kept under 60% and temperature extremes should be avoided.  The back of each piece is finished with paper that will wrinkle if humidity levels rise to unsafe levels. This wrinkling indicates either unreasonable or unsafe humidity levels or that the piece has otherwise come into contact with moisture (such as can be transferred through moist drywall).  Though the frame is sealed to protect against insect infestations, a piece that has come into contact with water can transfer moisture to the inside of the piece and create optimal conditions for mold to appear. Dramatic fluctuation in humidity levels can also result in the movement of appendages, especially in insects.  As a result, we recommend not hanging Christopher Marley artwork, especially pieces containing preserved organisms, in moist environments such as a steamy bathroom.
  • Christopher Marley Studio will repair any of its art pieces that may show signs of disintegration or infestation* as long as the infestation is reported and the piece is returned to the studio in a timely manner. Pieces that become infested but are not returned until the damage to the piece is extensive, may not be able to be repaired.  Pieces returned for repair may be assessed a nominal repair fee at the sole discretion of Christopher Marley Studio.
  • In the event that a piece that is returned for repair sustains any additional damage while in transit to  Christopher Marley Studio, the Studio shall bear no responsibility or liability.  It shall be the sole responsibility of the consignee to seek redress from the shipping company, though we may document damage upon arrival to aid in seeking redress from the carrier.

Instructions for returning piece(s) for repair or replacement  

  • All pieces shall be returned to the Christopher Marley Studio at the customer’s expense, except those that arrive to the original shipping destination in damaged condition as described above.
  • Call or email our studio for help with packaging instructions.  503-990-8132 | info@pheromonedesign.com.

NOTE: Failure to properly follow packing instructions when returning artwork may result in further damage.  Any such damage shall be the responsibility of the shipper. The shipper bears the responsibility to insure any pieces sent to the Christopher Marley studio for repair.

All pieces should be returned in adequate packaging, including:

  • Interior Christopher Marley boxes are not re-shippable and should not be used as exterior cartons.
  • The exterior box should be appropriate for the piece(s) being returned. Overly large boxes or boxes with insufficient interior space may contribute to further piece damage, which will incur repair charges.
  • There should be a minimum of 2” of shock-absorbing packing material between the piece(s) and the box on all sides.
  • Packing material should be used to fill in all open space between piece(s) and exterior box (interior boxes must be held firm by foam or other packing material but it is not necessary to fill all voids between boxes when using an interior box).
  • Multiple pieces should be separated from each other with a minimum of 1” of foam, bubble wrap, or other appropriate packing material.
  • The exterior box should be clearly marked “Fragile” on at least three sides.

Ship return packages to:
Pheromone | Christopher Marley
Attn: Repairs
3655 Kashmir Way SE
Salem, OR 97317

Tiny insect pests (typically small beetles of the family Dermestidae or bugs of the order Psocoptera) are ubiquitous on our planet and have the very important role of helping to break down deceased organisms. While this role is ecologically critical, it is obviously antithetical to art pieces, so extensive precautions are taken to protect each art piece before it leaves the studio.

All insect specimens used in Christopher Marley artwork are dispatched, dried, and kept in airtight containers where they await export for months or years in our Malaysia warehouse. Before export from Malaysia, all insect specimens are frozen and fumigated with Insecticide (2,2-Dichlorovinyl 18.6%, dimethyl phosphate).

Upon arrival to the USA, all specimens are inspected by US Fish and Wildlife officers. Insect specimens are hermetically sealed in shadow-box frames and are then typically stored for a period of weeks or months prior to sale, at which time they are all re-inspected by the studio staff.

In rare cases, a small number of virtually invisible insect pest eggs may survive the fumigation and freezing processes and can emerge months or years later when conditions are prime.  As no further measures are available to guarantee against insect pest infestations, Christopher Marley studio will repair any of its art pieces that may show signs of infestation at a nominal fee as long as the infestation is reported and the piece returned to the studio in a reasonably timely manner. Pieces that become infested but are not returned to the studio until the damage to the piece is extensive may not be repairable.



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